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FCB Shanghai brings passion back to denim in China with #活出趣#

Sep 18, 2014
Article - 18 Sep 2014

Everyone has a Levi's(R) story – the new Greater China "Live in Levi's(R)" Campaign celebrates stories of people who live in their jeans. Driven by TVCs starring Hong Kong actor, Shawn Yue, and Chinese pop singer, Ai Fei (Ivy), it hopes to inspire consumers to connect and talk about their Levi's(R) online. Wear them, dare them, abuse them, share them. One can do anything in a pair of Levi's(R). Just don't bore them.

"FCB Shanghai's campaign idea overcomes the challenge that in China there is no jeans culture and consumers do not have an emotional connection with denim. Denim is a life attitude, and not simply clothing. That is embodied by Levi's(R) core thinking that declares: "Started by Levi's(R). Finished by you."As the original denim brand, authenticity is at the core of Levi's(R),"said Mung Ng, Senior Account Director with FCB Shanghai.

"FCB Shanghai designed a story-driven campaign to help Levi's(R) tap into Chinese people's passion for life and self-expression,"explained Alvin Lim, Deputy Executive Creative Director with FCB Shanghai. "We developed the hashtag #活出趣# which allows people to connect their passions with Levi's(R) passion for their denim products. "Live in Levi's(R)"explains to the Chinese audience what it means to wear them, reasserting Levi's(R) iconic status in the jeans category."He continued: "To convey this message, the online videos tell the ‘real life' story of how Ai Fei and Shawn Yue live their lives in Levi's(R), allowing the audience a microcosmic view into their lives. The ads embrace inclusiveness by telling consumers they can do what they want with their Levi's(R) garments – "Rock them"or "Abuse them,""Strut them"or "Snap them,""Play them"or "Shine in them." Using the hashtag #活出趣#, consumers can share their own stories across a broad range of platforms including on Weibo, WeChat , Instagram, Facebook and Twitter."


Discussing the brand influencers, Jeremy Chan, Marketing Director of Greater China for Levi's(R) said: "Important to Levi's(R) is that the brand influencers are true, authentic, and are naturally part of the "Live in Levi's(R)" concept. Shawn Yue is the denim fashion icon for our young consumers and has stayed true and authentic for all these years he has been acting and singing. Ai Fei has true musical talent, is authentic and has worked her way up to fame from humble beginnings. Heroes like Ai Fei and Shawn Yue are great individuals to help Levi's to connect with the post-80s and 90s."