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Mar 22, 2016
Article - 22 Mar 2016

FCB Greater China had the opportunity to pitch for the 2016 CCTV Chinese New Year charity advertisement, which was aired during the CNY period on CCTV. More than 40 creative agencies in China attended the pitch. Our young creative talents displayed a lot of passion and interest as they viewed it as a precious opportunity to create something they really love – using the power of emotion to touch the whole nation.

It was a surprise as FCB used a unique angle, which dramatised the journey that Chinese, from all over the world, take home to celebrate CNY. We used "the luggage”, an ordinary element it seems, as we knew that people didn’t want too emotional or dramatised a piece, like the clichés they have seen too many times.

Moreover, we understood that reaching out to the younger generation, that they appreciate fresh advertisements with a reflective viewpoint. Feiwei, chief creative officer of FCB Greater China, explained the idea behind the “luggage” story: Most modern Chinese are on the road, away from home, fighting for their careers. CNY is the moment that they can finally get back home, along with their harvest, new experiences, stories and dreams –which are all packed in their luggage and taken back home. The “luggage” goes beyond its physical existence, and it is a medium to express one's emotions – “Love is the luggage which we take with us along through our life.” The advertisement hence portrays 'luggage' stories of some typical characters across China.