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Oreo Flute Wafer - Filled with Wonderful Sharing!

Aug 06, 2015
Article - 06 Aug 2015

In 2015, Oreo Flute Wafer continues its robust growth in the sweet munching market. It has recently unveiled a series of ingenious and fun animated advertisements on social media, which has garnered a lot of buzz among the youth.  Created by FCB Shanghai, the advertising campaign derives from Oreo's new brand concept "Wonderfilled" and relays its personality of "Where will it take you?". The advertisements are meant to take consumers to a world filled with wonders and inspire them to unleash their wildest imagination. 

Mondelez saw the great growth opportunities it can have with China's young female consumer segment. Socialization plays a vital role in their lives and they are tech-savvy and engaging on various social platforms. They want to be understood and approved of, eager to belong to a community of like-minded people.  Outside of study and work, the young ladies love to get together to relax and chat while sharing snacks. With its crispy, delicate taste and easy-to-share stick format, the Oreo Flute Wafer appeals to this particular group while at the same time allow them to manifest their individualism. 

David Seah, Group Creative Director of FCB Shanghai remarks, "We'd like to inspire consumers to open up their minds, break out the inner child, and feel the simple joy of sharing. We had a lot of fun working on the campaign."

In the series of animated films, the Oreo Flute Wafer is depicted as a long, sweet and crispy tunnel filled with wonders. They respectively feature an alien using an Oreo Flute Wafer to kidnap a girl from Earth, a cupid dog accidentally flying into Oreo Flute Wafer in his sleep, and a gluttonous cow falling through the Oreo Flute Wafer. What happens when each character comes out the other end of a Oreo Flute Wafer? The answers are in new Oreo Flute Wafer advertisements.

Click the links below and step into the wonderfilled world of Oreo Flute Wafer! Don't forget to watch with a pack of Oreo Flute Wafer and indulge in its crispy and delicate taste!


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